Sheni gulistvis
For You
By Ethno Jazz Band Iriao
Country Flag of Georgia Georgia
Year 2018
Position 18th (Semi-final)
Points 24 (Semi-final)
Flag of Georgia Georgia in the Eurovision
Song Contest
Previous "Keep the Faith"

"Sheni gulistvis" (English: For You) was the Georgian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon, performed by the group Ethno Jazz Band Iriao.

It was performed in the second semi final but finished in last place, thus failing to qualify for the final.


Dgheo gadiddi
Tovli gaadne
Visats upro shests’ivda ghamit
Is metad gaatbe
Chemtvis k’i ara
Chventvis anate
Guli skhvisi bednierebit gaakhare

Mze amosvlas ar agvianebs
Sitbos achukebs adamianebs
Da dedamits’a siq’varulit t’rialebs

Skhvisi gaigo, skhvistvis gaigo
Guli ra aris tskhrajer tskhrad tu ar gaiq’o
Skhva q’velaperi, karma ts’aigho
Sheni mkholod is aris, rasats skhvistvis tmob

Dghe at’enebs ghames
Tu shens gverdit var me
Raghats mtavrdeba, raghats its’q’eba
K’vek’anad sik’ete iko, aris da ikneba

Sheni gulistvis
T’undats erti ts’ut’istvis
Isev vagrzelebt gzas
Rasatsa gastsem shenia

Day - be longer
And melt the snow
To warm up the one, who felt cold in the night
Shine not for me
For us
For us
Make the heart feel joyful for the others' happiness

The sun rises in time
To grant People warmness
And the earth keeps turning with love

Let understand the feelings of others share with others
What is the heart if not break into nine pieces to with others
The wind will carry the rest away
You own only what you share

Day breaks the night
If I am by your side
Something ends and there Comes a new start
Kindness will live forever on the earth

For you
For love
For just one flash
We go on our way
All is yours what you share


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