Alyona Lanskava
Background Information
Origin Mogilev, Belarus
Birthdate 7 September 1985
Age 33
Eurovision Song Contest
Country Belarus
Year 2013
Song "Solayoh"
Position 7th (Semi-final)
16th (Final)
Points 64 (Semi-final)
48 (Final)

Alyona Lanskava (born 7 September 1985) is a Belarusian singer. She represented Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with the song "Solayoh". She performed in the first semi-final and ended on the 7th place, thus got enough votes to go through to the final. In the final she got 48 points and ended on the 16th place out of 26 participants.


Alyona Lanskaya was born on September 7th in Mogilev, Belarus. Being an apparent Virgo in the Zodiac, her love for her family and for music always came first in her life. She began studying music at a young age: At school, she sang in the choir, performed as a solo artist and as a part of various art groups. She graduated from the Belarusian-Russian University in Mogilev.

"My childhood was a very happy one, and sometimes I’d want to return to it - the loving parents and no worries. I used to live in my own world, dreaming at night, coming up with stories for films, always with a happy ending. Because of the light-coloured hair and snow-white skin, the grandma neighbours always called me a "straw girl" – says Alyona Lanskaya.

Alyona prefers a healthy lifestyle - sports, at least three times a week, no smoking, little alcohol, moderate diet. She loves reading and learning new things. Alyona believes that Belarus has one of the most amazing beauties of nature in the world and so, in her spare time, she enjoys traveling around her native land. She loves animals, and she has got a rabbit, Nikki, living at her house, the name of which was chosen by her fans. The singer has got many violets around her house, and also she has recently started collecting orchids.

Her career as a professional singer began in 2005, when Alyona took part in the "Slavianski Bazaar" festival in Vitebsk. The first music video was released in 2008. Alyona demonstrated a remarkable sense of work and dedication while participating in a sports reality show "The Magnificent Seven", dedicated to biathlon. The singer, who during the first training was hesitant to ski, eventually won in the finals after having just a week to learn this sport.

In 2008, Alyona, for the first time, took part in an international music festival, in the town of Dobrich in Bulgaria. In 2010, her first solo album Mazes Of Love was released that included songs in Russian, Belarusian and English. Alyona Lanskaya also brought a victory from USA at the “Atlantic Breeze 2010" festival. In 2011, she was awarded the title of Honoured Artist of the Republic of Belarus - she has been the youngest artist ever to receive it!

In the summer of 2012, the songs for Alyona’s new English album were recorded. Also in 2012, she took part in the Belarusian national Eurovision selection, and this year she will go on to represent her home country with Solayoh, written by Mark Paelinck and Martin King (source). Template:Brclear